The European Green Deal Investment Plan builds on the Commission’s proposal for the future long-term budget 2021-2027. Running for 7 years, it will mobilize 25% of the EU budget for climate financing and invest in environmental objectives through several EU programmes. Extrapolated to 10years, assuming the climate target will be at least maintained post -2027; the long-term budget is expected to deliver €503 billion. The next long-term budget 2021-2027 is currently under negotiation.

The numbers are extrapolated to ten years, without prejudice to the final agreement on the next longtermbudget and the one after 2027.

The Plan also builds on the contributions from national budgets to EU projects, on public and private vestments mobilized by InvestEU and the ETS funds (Modernization and Innovation Funds).

As part of the European Green Deal Investment Plan, the Commission has proposed the establishment of a Just Transition Mechanism including a new Just Transition Fund. The Just Transition Fund will be equipped with fresh funds of €7.5 billion from the EU budget which will come on top of the Commission 2018 proposal for the long-term.

  • Big investments on irrigation and flood mitigation projects mainly implemented through PPPs, accompanied by the reform in the use of irrigation networks and introduction of telemetry for the detection of leakages and smart water metering.
  • A new National Reforestation Plan together with the reform of the forest maps. Initiatives for biodiversity protection including the establishment of a National System for the Permanent Monitoring of species and habitat and surveillance of protected areas. The introduction of Regional Civil Protection centers (build through PPPs).